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Hello and welcome to UFSGrid!

UFSGrid (United Federation of Sci-fi) is a virtual 3-D world where users can socialize, role play, and manifest their imaginations using a customized OpenSim framework in a sci-fi themed environment. Each user account is represented by an 'Avatar' which is very customizable to provide a unique look for each individual person to explore the virtual world in. The virtual world, also called the 'grid', is made up of many different regions that vary in size, shape, content, and specialty. Check out our Getting Started Guide, which is intended to teach new users about how to make the most of their experience, and perhaps even give some hints to seasoned users! We have also created some resources in our wiki for content creators, as most of everything you see in UFSGrid is a unique creation made by our members for their lands and for the grid itself. All premium members have the ability to purchase land of their own to create their own unique place to enjoy, or all members can use a "sandbox" to begin tinkering with creating content.

UFSGrid came online in late September, 2009, and since then has undergone extreme and ongoing customization in the basic programming of the grid itself, as well as all of the online resources that are available in order to create a user friendly, seamlessly integrated experience. Much goes in to the creation and maintenance of UFSGrid which influences the user experience in many ways, from the users ability to move around in-world, to their ability to utilize our website resources, and to even build their imagined worlds, clothing, objects, body parts, scripts, and other content. Much of this programming and maintenance has been done on the back-end by the grid owner, Ares Q, while most other facets of the grid have been helped along by other members of the Q Continuum who are the administrators of the grid. The Wiki and UFSGrid Forums are an exception to the above statement, as those resources are meant for all members to use and contribute to.

Indeed, we look forward to reading many of our users insights, experiences, and ideas as we continue to break new ground in furthering the evolution of the grid. As we continue forward, there is no doubt that we will all continue to identify new opportunities to improve things even further, and we welcome those challenges in the spirit of innovation and development that we might together provide the obvious choice in science fiction themed virtual reality.

Some of the great features that UFSGrid offers are listed below, but this should certainly not be considered an exhaustive list as we continue to add and improve on a daily basis:

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Land Ownership and Development options
  • User generated scripted objects which can be coded in LSL, VB, Java, Mono, and several other programming languages
  • Customizable appearance
  • Ability for users to create and manage their own factions and groups, realizing and manifesting their own dreams
  • Integrated web services and resources to give members easy to use tools to enhance and expand their experience
  • A Sci-fi theme focus, and community
  • Ability to stream audio and video In-world on one's land, *even in real time!
  • Extremely affordable land ownership prices compared to other commercial options such as SecondLife ™
  • Based on the community driven open source OpenSim platform
  • Member support who care and want to make sure that you have the best possible experience
  • Professionally hosted on secure servers in a data-center, unlike some grids which run in someone's basement on an old Win XP machine.
  • The list goes on, but we think you get the point.


Some articles and guides are still being written, check out our Wiki for other related information!


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