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Have you ever secretly wished that you could tell a "computer" terminal in the Virtual World what you wanted, and it gave it to you? Or perhaps you have seen Star Trek role play and wished the props were a bit more interactive. UFSGrid is now taking bold steps toward generating a new "Computer Core Module" intended to give some great new life to some awesome looking, but dull prim props you might have seen before.



The idea is to allow characters a Trek themed role play experience with more interactivity which you might come to expect from treknology, as it is fondly known. This module will allow a user to state requests to the appropriate computer terminals such as "Computer locate Captain Trekker", and it would then reply in text with the location of that person if they existed in the computer's database, and no conditions are preventing the computer from locating the character such as the ships internal sensors are offline.

"While some might be skeptical and think that this project would be a scripted burden on the server, on the contrary, the module exists as a separate entity with it's own processing power, working directly with grid services to nearly eliminate impact on the sim." said James Pharr, Project Co-Developer and Head of UFSGrid Support. While this initial development prototype will be Star Trek in nature, the goal is to produce a module that will ultimately be multipurpose and adaptable across many different Sci-Fi themed applications. Pharr went on to say, "Gene Roddenberry's vision of humanity coming together and working towards common goals is truly reflected in the current staff consulting and developing the project, we are literally from different parts of the globe working to create a place people can come together and have fun in an immersive environment. It doesn't get much better than that".  Some of the systems that are in development will power functions around the prototype starship being used to develop the module will include, communications, sensors, engines, power grid, computer ability to transport users via console or command, erect forcefields, track health of character, personnel data, and the list goes on. Once systems are in place and functional, it is planned to implement an automated system that will aid in day-to-day role play, providing opportunities to perform maintenance tasks appropriate to the character's position and rank, or special assignments from their chain of command. "My idea is that this module is going to positively change day to day role play, in the sense that you don't have to wait until everyone is online, preparing a mission for several days. You can just drop in and have things to do as any star trek officer", said Ares Q, creator of UFSGrid.

UFSGrid is Sci-Fi themed virtual world powered by OpenSim and many custom modifications. UFSGrid offers players the ability to build their own Sci-Fi themed dream with membership and several cheap land packages. While founded in roots of Star Trek, UFSGrid has broadened its theme to include all of the Sci-Fi genre. UFSGrid is headquarters to the popular non profit Star Trek fan group, United Federation Starfleet and features amazing starships, space stations, buildings, memorials, and landscapes in UFSGrid, Second Life, and 3rd Rock Grid that are used for role play, events, and socializing by members and guests from various countries, languages, and backgrounds. More information about UFSGrid is available by visiting their website at, or by visiting them in the grid.

Ares Q, Creator and Administrator of UFSGrid

Dionysus Q, Head of UFSGrid Support 

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