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   Previous versions of OpenSim have been updated regularly within UFSGrid, adding more functionality and stability for the grid - and an improved user experience in many new ways. Many of the commonly experienced issues or errors that have been mentioned and felt have been addressed in this release, and we are looking forward to hearing from our members their experience with any noticable changes.

Upgrading UFSGrid is a very involved thing. It is so much more than just un-archiving a file in a directory and letting it run, because of the customized integrated services that we offer upgrading requires a great deal of work and a high attention to details. Thankfully, our lead Administrator Ares Q, has that all under control. Below, please find listed some of the new changes which have been implemented in OpenSim version 0.7.5. The full release notes for this version can be found by visiting the OpenSimor website.

Some Changes You May Notice:

  • Facility to periodically resend appearance UUIDs now set to true by default. This has been shown to help with grey avatar issues.
  • Current animation is now retained by an avatar as it moves between regions, as long as both source and destination region are running this version of OpenSimulator or later.
  • HyperGrid 2.0 [Read about it here] - Available in the software, we are considering options for implementation
  • Undo steps for object changes are no longer stored without limit. This meant that over time, a simulator with changing objects would use more and more memory that would not be released. The MaxPrimsUndo limit in the [Startup] section of OpenSim.ini is now enforced. The default is 20 steps.
  • Corrupted child prim permissions can no longer make objects change permissions after they have been rezzed.
  • Setting llVolumeDetect(FALSE) on an object where volume detect has been previous set will now correctly clear the phantom object flag.
  • Mesh/Sculpt loading reliability improved.
  • Fixed issue where imported mesh objects would have their base prim turned around by 90 degrees and their child prims turned in the wrong direction. These should now import in the same rotations as they appear in the viewer preview.
  • Fixed OpenSimulator 0.7.4 regression where a logged out avatar could still sometimes be present in the connections list which would stop relog or visit of the scene until the simulator was restarted.
  • Fixed OpenSimulator 0.7.4 and even earlier regression where objects attached directly from the region would often not show up as attached.
  • Temporary attachments implemented. This is currently not well documented in OpenSimulator.
  • Many updates to bulletsim in the areas of collisions, fps calculation, floating, friction, linksets, materials, megaregions, mesh, pushing, region crossings, shapes, terrain, vehicles. However, this should still be considered experimental in this release.
  • Movement of physical prims in ODE plugin improved.
  • Fixed some script crashing race conditions if one script removed an NPC whilst another was fetching its details.
  • NPCs can now move within the entire area of a megaregion rather than being stuck in the 'root' 256x256m area.
  • llRequestPermissions() calls now always succeed for unowned NPCs, where they only worked for appropriately owned NPCs before.
  • Fixed issue where renaming a worn article of clothing after it had been edited would cause the item to not be found within inventory on viewer relog.
  • Fixed issue where newly created body parts and clothing sometimes did not appear in the user's inventory.
  • Inventory folder versioning now much better implemented. This may cut down on excess requests by the viewer for inventory information as these were triggered by a mismatch between it's expected folder version numbers and those persisted by OpenSimulator. This may help with issues seen on OpenSimulator 0.7.4 where many requests for people with large inventories would lead to other region issues (see;


Scripting Changes:

  • Script runtime error messages now displayed by version 3 and related third party viewers.
  • Static methods from region modules can now be registered for calling by scripts using the modInvoke facility.
  • WaitForEventCompletionOnScriptStop option added to the [XEngine] configuration section of OpenSim.ini. This is to provide a way to examine an issue where thread aborts of scripts still executing events (e.g. when an object is derezzed) can sometimes cause Mono 2.6 amd 2.10 to crash badly, with symptoms such as 100% cpu use and threads waiting for locks which no other thread holds. Default for wait period is 1 second but this can be increased. Tradeoff is that 'rogue' scripts will take longer to stop. May be increased in the future, though the ultimate solution will have to completely avoid thread aborts by co-operative script termination.
  • llResetOtherScript() now waits for the WaitForEventCompletionOnScriptStop timeout before forcibly aborting another script if it is still running an event. This is an effort to avoid the mono crash issues outlined above when this function is heavily used.
  • llGetLinkKey() fixed to always return the avatar that last sat on an object if given the the last link number.
  • llGetLinkName() fixed to always return the avatar name that last sat on an object if given the last link number.
  • llRequestPermissions() now automatically gets granted appropriate permissions from avatars that are sat on an object other than the very first avatar to sit on that object.
  • The attached event now correctly fires when an object is attached directly from the region.
  • The money event now goes to the clicked prim rather than always the root prim of a linkset.
  • llSetLinkCamera() implemented.
  • Behaviour of llList2*() functions made to better match LL when converting input values.
  • ATTACH_*_PEC constants added
  • PRIM_LINK_TARGET implemented on llGetPrimitiveParams() and similar functions.
  • PRIM_SLICE implemented for llSetPrimitiveParams() and similar functions.
  • llSetPrimitiveParams() and similar functions can now correctly disable flexy prims.
  • llPlaySound() fixed to play sounds from the prim the script is in rather than the root prim.
  • llLoopSound() now continues playing in a child prim when a sound is played in the root prim.
  • llPlaySound() now consistently stopped by llStopSound().
  • llDialog() fixed so that a script can hear responses no matter where a user has moved to within the region, rather than only when they are within shout range.
  • llListStatistics() no longer ignores the last element in some operations.
  • llParticleSystem() default PSYS_SRC_BURST_PART_COUNT now properly 1 rather than 0.
  • OpenSimulator 0.7.4 regression fixed where the DATA_SIM_POS option on llRequestSimulatorData() would not return information on regions that were in the same simulator.
  • Issue fixed with llListFindList() would not return a match if a script constant was used int he source list.
  • llGetLinkName() fixed for LINK_THIS constant.
  • CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM constant added.
  • osGetHealth() added to return health information on an avatar where this is enabled.
  • osSetContentType() added which allows setting of an arbitrary return type for an URL set up by llRequestUrl().
  • osGetNumberOfAttachments() added to return the number of attachments given a list of attachment points.
  • osMessageAttachments() added to allow a script to send a link message to an avatar's attachments.
  • osDropAttachmentAt(), osForceDropAttachment() and osForceDropAttachmentAt() OSSL functions added.
  • osListenRegex() function added which acts like llListen() but allows filtering by regular expression on name or message content of listen reports.


Stay tuned for more updates, and as always - please contact our Support Team with any questions, comments, or support needs at the UFSGrid Support Portal.


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