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Import SecondLife Name

Import Names from Other Grids.

UFSGrid provides you with a way to import your SecondLife or OSGrid Names. Keep in mind no inventory, nothing inventory related is transfered, only your name. This way you are sure that you have thesame name in other grids as in UFSGrid. Here is how you start:

Here is a list of Grids that we provide inworld terminals to register your name on UFSGrid:

  • SecondLife: Currently disabled, contact Support (link below) to add a lastname.

Visit the location corresponding with the Grid where the name resides you want to export to UFSGrid. Click the inworld UFSGrid Terminal there, it will provide you with an URL. Go to this URL and fill in the registration form. The system will email you a verification email, to check that the email you filled in is correct. Click the link to comfirm. Now you should have successfully imported your Name. If you have any questions or trouble, please contact our support department for help.