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We are investigating problems with our websites including our support portal. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with any problems and we will respond promptly.

UFSGrid Upgrades

   Previous versions of OpenSim have been updated regularly within UFSGrid, adding more functionality and stability for the grid - and an improved user experience in many new ways. Many of the commonly experienced issues or errors that have been mentioned and felt have been addressed in this release, and we are looking forward to hearing from our members their experience with any noticable changes.

Upgrading UFSGrid is a very involved thing. It is so much more than just un-archiving a file in a directory and letting it run, because of the customized integrated services that we offer upgrading requires a great deal of work and a high attention to details. Thankfully, our lead Administrator Ares Q, has that all under control. Below, please find listed some of the new changes which have been implemented in OpenSim version 0.7.5. The full release notes for this version can be found by visiting the OpenSimor website.


UFSGrid's 1000th User

The 1000th member is a landmark for UFSGrid as we have come this long journey in evolution and development of this fun and exciting environment. We wish to share our happiness by awarding the 1000th member to join UFSGrid to help them get started. The winner of this prize may not have previously been a registered member of UFSGrid. Terms of Service do apply. This offer is not refundable, non-transferable and bares no monetary or trade value. 

We would like to thank the 900+ members. some have come and gone, and many remain working with us and helped bring us this far. They have shared their ideas, inspirations, and fun with us since begining this endeavor, it has been a labor of love and we look forward to thousands of more members as we continue to grow, expand, and go boldly living the dream, and building our reality.

The 1000th Member Wins:

  • 1 Year Premium Membership with Priority Support
  • 6 Months Moon Land Package:
    • Your own sim featuring: 5000 Prims, Free Set Up, and No Obligation to Extend
  •  6 Months Founders Package:
    • Group web hosting the UFSGrid way. Web content available via in-world media in any grid (if they support media), Joomla based back-end and administration features for your account to create, manage, and maintain your group's vision.
  • Enhanced Content Library to get started building your reality:
    • We have imported several freely available content packages to share with you! These could be used as learning tools in order to begin creating your own content, or suitable for placement in your own virtual reality.


Dionysus Q
UFSGrid Support Administrator

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