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UFSGrid Starts Development of "Computer Core Module"


Have you ever secretly wished that you could tell a "computer" terminal in the Virtual World what you wanted, and it gave it to you? Or perhaps you have seen Star Trek role play and wished the props were a bit more interactive. UFSGrid is now taking bold steps toward generating a new "Computer Core Module" intended to give some great new life to some awesome looking, but dull prim props you might have seen before.



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Support is only one step away

Dear users!

If there is anything that doesn't work, or you don't understand HOW it works, which is possible :) Please just file a ticket, we will have it sorted out sooner then you think.

The reason i'm posting this is beceause i'm getting more and more support requests in my personal IM lately from people INSIDE the Grid asking questions for people OUTSIDE the Grid, who want to access the Grid and have an issue or don't understand how.

So let this be your wakeup call, file a ticket and we will fix it :-)

Have a wonderfull day...

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