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UFSGrid now almost at 900 users!


UFSGrid has almost reached 900 registered users.

Since that is big news and we wish to celebrate this...

We are giving user 900:

  • One year Free Premium Membership!!

  • This offer only counts for user 900 at this point.
    In the future we will have other offers for user 1000 and a special offer for user 1100 !!!

    NEWS: OpenSim Update

    We are going to perform a major OpenSim upgrade.
    Currently we are using opensim version, and are going to deploy version 0.7.3.
    This is going to leave the grid offline for a small period of time.

    Estimated start of this upgrade is in about an hour.

    Estimated time of completion, around 11'o clock PM CET.


    We have almost completed the update, most regions are back online and we've set the gridstatus back to normal.

    NEWS: Site Overhaul


    We are currently preparing for a major site renew... This means, all of our sites are being adapted with:

    • A new theme
    • New pages, especially for user account management
    • A brand new logo!

    This change is intended to put focus on our modified policy, stepping away from the Star Trek ONLY Grid to a general Sci-fi themed Grid.

    More information can be found in our Terms of Service and and RP Guidelines

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